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About me

I am a painter whose style depicts today’s Vietnamese people in a very old portrayals. Folk games, ritual ceremonies and village festivals are transformed into colors and subtle shapes which appear rather witty, like funny stories in rural areas.


Born in 1954, Hung Khuynh is a 1984 graduate of Hanoi Fine Art University. Hung Khuynh has been called a National Treasure of Vietnam. It has even been said that, “no foreigners should be allowed to own Hung Khuynh’s art” because of the before mention comment. Hung Khuynh smiles at this and says his art is to be enjoyed by all people.

Born in a small fishing village east and south of Hanoi, Hung Khuynh is a devout Catholic. His art influence as a child was from images he saw in the bible. Perhaps because of his early exposure to bible history, Hung Khuynh is fond of fables, legends and stories of the Vietnamese people. You will often see astrology, village ceremonies and mysticism in his paintings relating to these legends and fables. He often depicts today’s people in very old portrayals. Folk games, ritual ceremonies and village festivals have been transformed into vibrant colors and subtle shapes. His paintings appear to be real life leading to an unreal life in the past or in legends.
Hung Khuynh’s paintings are in many corporate and government buildings in VietNam. International art collectors including the Prime Minister of VietNam, Nguyen Tan Dung own his work. His work has been exhibited internationally in Europe and Asia and has won numerous awards. 
Source: Hung Khuynh Studio